Serving Suggestions

beet an avo toast
Braw slaw on sourdough with mashed avocado

Oatcakes, manchego and roasted squash
Homemade hash with haloumi and peppers with Braw Slaw and Kimchimole (that’s avocado, kombucha & kimchi blended up)
Ginger Kraut on homemade curry with carrots, kale and peppers
Eggs with smashed avocado and Stoatin’ Sauerkraut
Kimchi Krush on oatcakes with manchego
Homemade tofu curry with braw Slaw and coriander
Pigs in blankets, with brussel sprouts, Cracking Kimchi, Braw slaw and mash
Tangy Carrots on toast with avocado
Beetroot wrap with lettuce, burgers and Stoatin’ Sauerkraut
Homemade potato pattie with kimchimole and a boiled egg and a Kimchi Kvass
Fritatta with Cracking Kimchi
Pizza with Stoatin’ Sauerkraut
Roast veg with Braw Slaw home made Kombucha pesto and a glass of Kombucha
Riddle Me Rye sauerkraut bread with avocado and Braw Slaw
Halloumi and Caraway Crunch
Eggs, avocado and Braw Slaw
Sourdough with avo and Kimchi Curry
Ginger Kraut with kombucha pesto, pittas and chilli
Venison sausages from Highand Ridge Larder with Magic Mojito
Meat from East Coast Cured, mozzarella from Kedar and Cracking Kimchi, cucumber and tomatoes from Phantassie Organics
This is some one elses tea, so not sure, but looks like Cracking Kimchi, macaroni and avocado
Boiled eggs with Stoatin’ Sauerkraut