Tanzanian Espresso Beans – Williams & Johnson


250g whole bean pack from Williams & Johnson, Leith 

With notes of raspberry and dark chocolate, this coffee from Ruvuma, Tanzania Ruvuma is fully washed and dried on raised beds

Altitude: 1450 metres above sea level

Varietal: Bourbon, Kent, N39 & other local varieties


Kimuli AMCOS is known within the region for being well-organised, as well as for its strong focus on quality. Kimuli have invested greatly to improve their central processing sites (CPU’s), with the goal of producing uniform coffee with a great cup profile. Kimuli has three CPU’s, these are: Mahande, Kitanda & Utiri. Farms are very small and grow coffee on plots of land 5 hectares or smaller in size. Coffee cherry is selectively handpicked by the family at each farm, before making its way to the nearest CPU. Once delivered, cherry is separated out by the date of harvest. This allows for traceability to be conducted for every lot down to the bag. This lot is named after Scottish explorer David Livingstone and nearby mountain range bearing his name.


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