Peruvian Filter Coffee – Williams & Johnson


250g ground filter pack from Williams & Johnson, Leith 

With notes of honeycomb and guava

Peru, Cajamarca

Fully washed and dried on raised beds

Altitude: 1900 metres above sea level

Varietal:Typica and Caturra. Organic and shade 


This late 2019 lot hails from the newly formed association, Alpes Andinos, located high in Peru’s Cajamarca region. Daniel Carrasco’s farm, La Guayaba, (translated in English as ‘The Guava’), named after the fruit trees that thrive there. has been singled out as one of the top producing plots in the region. Perched at over 1900m above sea level and around 100km from the association’s headquarters in Jaen. Daniel inherited his farm from his parents and has been producing coffee all his life, utilising the invaluable skills passed down by his parents and grandparents. At La Guayaba Daniel shows great care, choosing to use a mix of compost and ‘guano de las islas’ (guano from islands off the coast of Peru) as organic fertiliser with zero chemical intervention.


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