Kimchi and Kraut Workshop Voucher




The aim of this workshop is for participants to learn how to make kraut and kimchi and how to feel confident to make them at home – a brilliant use of leftover veggies!

Learn all about the magic of it it in this fun workshop with lots of tastings fermented foods and drinks.

The Edinburgh Fermentarium founder, Ruth Munro, will introduce participants to the delicious and nutritious world of fermented vegetables. The techniques you will learn have been used for centuries across the world – and the result is a tangy treat that not only packs a punch in the flavour department but is full of health-promoting nutrients and bacteria.

Participants will make a jar of their own Kraut and Kimchi to take home and ferment, with various optional ingredients for a personalised twist. There will also be tasters of fermented food and drinks.

The link between healthy bacteria in the digestive system and immune function is becoming clearer as more studies focus on gut health. If the probiotics in kombucha improve gut health, they may also strengthen the immune system

All ingredients and jars are provided along with an instruction leaflet.

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