Colombian Filter Coffee – Williams & Johnson


250g pack ground  for filter  from Williams & Johnson, Leith

Colombia, Inzá Cauca

Processing 24 hours fermentation and dried on raised beds

Altitude: 2000 metres above sea level

Varietals: Tabi, Typica & Caturra

Maria Rosa Oidor runs her farm, Los Nogales, with her husband Antonio Pillimué and their four children. The farm is situated a thirty minutes’ walk from the small town of San Antonio, where the couple also have a small shop. Maria Rosa and Antonio saved the money to buy their three hectare farm from the savings they made from their shop some fifteen years ago. Doña Maria, even at the age of 58, still takes a hike up the mountain every day to organize pickers and schedule the work for the day. She is an impressive woman, a symbol of the female coffee farmer in Colombia, who often does not received as much recognition as their “Juan Valdez” counterpart.

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