Buck Shot – Pure Seabuckthorn Juice


Buck Shot: This wild punch of vitamins, is 100% cold pressed and raw (no HPP) Seabuckthorn juice. This will be on the sour side for those uninitiated but you will find that once you are used to the Buck Russian your body will crave this Sour sensation.. It will boost your energy and sharpen your mind!

250 mls, always keep refrigerated. Shelf life: The fresh juice is fine in the fridge for 2 weeks. All suitable for Vegans and Allergen free.

We use only the best local berries, picked in the peak of ripeness and deep frozen within 30 minutes of harvesting to provide our customers with the freshest, tastiest Seabuckthorn juice with maximum A,C and E vitamins. Scottish Seabuckthorn has high levels of Omega 7 as well as Omega 3,6 and 9.

Kirstie from Seabuckthorn Scotland spent 15 years working as a professional humanitarian worker, including ten years on mission in the Middle East. She first came across Seabuckthorn in 2010 as part of a United Nations logistics mission to assist with the floods in Pakistan. When she returned home to Scotland in 2013, she discovered that our native berries- a unique source of nutrition- were being largely overlooked- and in some cases destroyed, while our population is suffering from increasing challenges in heart health, blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and mental health. She decided to apply her passion for food security, local solutions and herbal healing – plus her so far under-utilised Chemistry degree- to work in founding Seabuckthorn Scotland CIC to tackle these issues. The CIC was registered in Winter 2018 and started in trading in July 2019. 

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