Elderflower, peach and lemon kombucha – Bad Gal Boocha


Bad Gal Boocha Elderflower Kombucha – 330ml

Handmade by your local community bad gal.

Real, unpasteurised, effervescent.

​Elderflower kombucha the way nature intended it to be – yeasty, weird and a lil bit fizzy.

Handcrafted, small batch kombucha brewed and bottled in Ladybank, Fife. Female owned, Vegan/Gluten/Dog Friendly. Storage – Always keep your kombucha in the fridge. Do not shake but tilt a few times to shoogle up the flavour. If in doubt open over the sink.

Heather is the owner of bad Gal Boocha

‘Bad Gal Boocha began in July 2019 as a way for me to fund my nursing degree. Kombucha is my lifeeeeeee! Inspired by a bag of rubbish picked off Elie beach, our main focus is to create a kombucha that is gentle on the earth. The fact it tastes amazing is an added bonus. Our kombucha is made with fresh and local ingredients and we work hard to maintain strong relationships with other local businesses. If you were looking for Fifes boujiest booch you’ve come to the right place’

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