Our Values

Our Values

We’re a small, hands-on business and make our ferments from scratch in our premises in Duddingston, where we also hold regular fermentation workshops.

We believe the art, science and joy of fermentation is a skill that should be democratised and shared! Since starting the business, we’ve always been inspired by great tastes and have constantly been on a learning journey, collaborating and experimenting to create new recipes and products.  We also hold regular workshops and in 2020, we aim to further our workshop offering by collaborating with a range of special guests to share our love of fermentation. 

Fermentation is a great way to prevent food waste, we aim to reduce food waste by developing new products and processes that will reduce the amount of scraps that go into our compost bin!

We reduce waste by reusing wherever we can, and recycle with Changeworks recycling, a local recycling business. 

We are committed to limiting our use of plastic, fermenting our range in small batches in glass jars, a practice that we believe is quite rare amongst commercially-available ferments.

We strive to give great and friendly customer service, so always value your feedback! 

Our business events and needs vary, therefore we have a crack team of flexible freelancers that we treat like we would want to be treated…with fair wages, shared lunches and plenty of chat!

Ruth and And in their first kitchen